Tube Bending

Intran offers tube cutting, bending, and forming. We have produced products for a wide variety of industries, from tubing for automotive products (water pumps, fuel pumps) to specialty components for the oil and gas industry.

Our tube benders have a wide range of applications, from bending simple, single bends in single planes to complex bending using a CNC tube bender. We have machines that will solve your particular application needs, keeping your budget in mind.

Tube Bending

Intran has a variety of tube bending, forming, and machining equipment:

  • Tube machining with CNC turning machines up to 42 mm
  • CNC tube bending up to 42 mm
  • Wire bending up to 3.75 mm
  • End forming tubes up to 35 mm

Most importantly, our experience and our quality production processes give our clients peace of mind.

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