About Intran

With more than 50 years of experience, Intran is a leading supplier for the automotive fuel industry.

Attention to detail, flexibility, innovation in our design solutions, and personalized customization to meet our customers’ needs provide the added value your organization requires.

Three Things You Need To Know About Intran

1. We have close to 50 years experience in the automotive manufacturing business, primarily providing fuel system products and safety components to automakers and Tier 1 suppliers.

2. We are the leading supplier in brazing, spot welding assembly, and solutions that serve the electronic and metalworking industries in Mexico.

3. We manufacture more than 1,600 SKUs for fuel and electrical systems and produce over 6 million parts annually.

Our Mission

At Intran, we are committed to supplying products, processes, and services that comply with our customers’ specifications. Our top priority is the happiness of our customer. We strive to deliver on time while also providing the highest quality. In fact, we are IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our Principles

At Intran, our business is guided by a strict set of principles.

  • The customer is always first! Our business revolves around our obsession with the customer’s happiness.
  • We live and breathe by our quality standards and ensure the correct application of ISO-TS 16949 in every step of our manufacturing process.
  • Taking action on behalf of the client doesn’t require exhaustive study. We take action quickly.
  • We’re loyal to each other and to the company, with high levels of trust in our colleagues.
  • We’re self aware, so if/when we make a mistake, we hold ourselves accountable and correct our mistakes.
  • We are disciplined, competent, responsible, work well in teams, and trust in ourselves.
  • We like to keep things simple, so we look for new ideas from multiple sources.
  • We think big! Small thinking translates to reality, and we want better than that for ourselves and our customers.
  • We don’t spend resources on anything that doesn’t bring value to the customer.
  • We believe attention to detail is paramount to a successful relationship between Intran and our customers.
  • We are entrepreneurs to our core. Because of this, we will always persevere.

How We Got Started


In 1969, Flota Mex was founded by Juan Enrique Cintrón Pou to satisfy the needs of the original equipment market (OEM) for fuel level sending units. In the early 70s, the company’s original OE clients were American Motors, Chrysler Corporation, Nissan, Volkswagen, Dina, and Mexicana de Autobuses.   In 1988, the company began an aggressive expansion into the export market with a key focus on the United States and Canada. As part of the strategy, a sales office opened in Dallas, Texas in 1993.

Throughout the 90s, work was done to develop models for the fuel pump industry, fuel industry, and the classic car line.  In 2000, models were developed with great success for the heavy equipment and construction markets.  In recent years, the company has invested heavily in developing not only sensors and modules but also other products such as harnesses and end forms for use in the replacement and original equipment markets.

In 2009, the company re-branded itself as Intran.  Intran evokes the technology inside a vehicle, used to transmit information, energy and actions through its system.  It invokes words and concepts that are linked to what we do, such as the transmission of information, transformation, transportation, and investment.

Headquartered in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Intran employs over 250 people.

To learn more about us and why you should manufacture Mexico, click here to download our quick guide to contract manufacturing.