Contract Assembly

Contract Assembly ServicesIntran’s expertise in fuel system manufacturing makes our company uniquely capable of providing contract assembly services.

Our company has considerable experience meshing a variety of complex components into a complete assembly. As a result of this experience, we’re able to offer incredible quality and value:

  • Leveraging our experience and expertise, we can reduce process complexity
  • Thru process improvement and superior facilities, we can minimize waste and reduce costs
  • With access to a pool of low-cost labor, we’re able to offer globally competitive contract assembly pricing
  • Our quality standards and internal processes ensure that even our lowest cost production meets OE specs

Cost, Quality, and Fast Delivery

Intran adds value to the supply chain by assembling metal fabricated parts and more. With nearly 50 years experience, we have the knowledge, facilities, and capabilities to assemble a variety of products and components, including: wire harnesses, hanger assemblies, and other industrial products.

The benefits to our customers fall into three key strategic categories: cost, quality, and delivery.

  1. We have the know-how to reduce costs. Our company has decades of experience in contract assembly.
  2. We offer the highest quality. Our ISO/TS 16949-2016 and ISO 9001-2015 quality certifications are just the beginning. Our own internal quality assurance processes ensure the final product meets or exceeds specifications.
  3. Our proximity to the major markets. We can deliver product to the United States and international ports in as little as one day.

At Intran, we have the facilities and the expertise to see the job through to the end—assembling parts into a component or a complete product.

As part of our integrated service, in the past twenty years we have offered several companies our outsourcing or “maquila” of assemblies and sub-assemblies of parts, allowing companies to reduce their costs and increase their productivity.

Contact us to learn more about our contract assembly services.