Products Manufactured

In addition to providing manufacturing services, Intran manufacturers a number of OEM quality products for well-known brands. Many of our manufactured products are listed below.

Fuel Pump and Sender Assembly

Intran’s fuel pump and sender assemblies are expertly constructed using fuel resistant plastic and steel-constructed components. Thanks to decades of improvement and commitment to manufacturing excellence, issues like leakage, corrosion, and proper fitment – problems that often occur in mass-produced parts from other manufacturers – are thoroughly reviewed prior to launching any products to market. Prior to shipping, all units are tested for continuity, resistance, voltage, and pressure to ensure the highest OEM equivalent parts.

Intran’s fuel pump and sender assemblies come with everything needed for a hassle-free installation and replacement when the time comes. Our units are compatible with most popular makes and models including vehicles from Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet, Honda, and other makes.

Fuel Pump Module Assembly

When it comes to fuel pumps, the experts at Intran have you covered. With years of experience and improvement in the manufacturing industry, Intran’s OEM equivalent fuel pumps meet the performance of original factory parts. Before sending your products, we test them for voltage, amperage, resistance, and pressure so issues are minimized, and the fuel pumps provide only the best performance. Every order includes the tools and instructions needed for a smooth installation process. Intran’s fuel pumps fit most popular makes and models including vehicles from Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet, Honda, and other makes.

Fuel Tank Sending Unit

With years of constant innovation and cutting-edge engineering, Intran’s OEM quality fuel tank sending units some of the best in the industry. Using steel construction and fuel resistant plastics, all sensors are built to withstand the fuel environment of your fuel tank, and are corrosion resistant. And, when it’s time to switch out parts, the included lock ring seal makes replacing the unit easy and clean. Thanks to Intran’s quality assurance procedures and lasting commitment to excellence, all parts are 100% tested. Intran’s fuel tank sending units fit most popular makes and models including vehicles from Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet, Honda, and other makes.

Electrical Wire Harnesses

Fuel sender assembly
With over 10 years of manufacturing overmolded and applied terminal and connector harnesses, we can solve your electrical assembly needs. We are able to build your custom wire harness and plastic injection insert/overmolding. We have customers in commercial vehicle manufacturing, automotive supply, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, and sensors and controls.

Custom Molded Plastic Parts

Fuel sender assembly
We manufacture custom plastic products for automotive, industrial, consumer, and other markets.

Custom End Formed Products

Intran provides precision end forming services for tubes up to 1 and 1/2” in diameter. By continually employing a variety of high-end machinery, Intran’s experienced yet low-cost labor force is capable of producing a multitude of different end-form styles. We even work with you to address individual needs and specific design standards.
Fuel sender assembly 2

Custom Tube Bended Products

Intran has a variety of tube bending, forming, and machining equipment:

  • Tube machining with CNC turning machines
  • CNC tube bending up to ¼ of an inch
  • Wire bending up to 2.36mm
  • End forming tubes up to 42mm