Why High-Quality Tube Bending Equipment Matters

One of the most important elements of high-quality tube bending is the quality of the equipment. Whether it’s a simple, single bend, or complex shape, the quality of the part is directly related to how well it was made. At Intran, we use state-of-the-art, high-quality equipment to meet your needs and budget with a high-quality product.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the types of tube bending and why high-quality tube bending equipment matters.

The Main Types Of Tube Bending

Tube bending is a process that uses mechanical force to bend tubing into specific shapes and radii. We use CNC equipment for all our tubing jobs because it provides capabilities like precise tube bending, semi-automatic turning, end forming, and tube and bar straightening.

Other tube bending processes include tube straightening and end forming. Tube straightening is the opposite of tube bending, and jobs can require everything from changing the shape and radius of the bends to completely straightening the tube out. End forming is a process of precisely modifying the shape of a tube at its endpoint in order for it to fit a specific connection.

High-Quality Tube Bending Requires High-Quality Equipment

Intran uses high-end CNC machines to provide precision tube bending, straightening, and end-forming services. These machines allow us to produce many different shapes and end-form styles and meet your individual needs and design standards. But high quality is more than just meeting design standards. It’s also about speed and consistency.

Speed not only includes the velocity of manufacturing but the time required to set up the machines and start production. The CNC machines do not require mechanical adjustments, which simplifies setup. This, in turn, allows us to rapidly start new jobs with the consistency necessary to ensure the uniform quality of each part, thereby lowering manufacturing costs.

Flexibility, Repeatability, And Reliability Are Critical To Cost

Another factor in determining costs is machine downtime. The longer a machine sits idle, the more expensive it is for the manufacturing company and, ultimately, the customer. A high-quality CNC machine is easy to program to set up new jobs and flexible enough to switch between jobs with minimal downtime. It’s also highly reliable, reducing maintenance time and maintenance costs and ensuring the repeatability of jobs. These factors not only deliver the quality of the product you’re looking for but also minimize production costs.

Intran Offers A Variety Of Tube-Bending Solutions

Intran’s goal is to provide turnkey solutions for all of your tube bending needs. We offer tube bending of materials ranging from ductile metals to high-strength steel and also provide other services, including stamping and brazing, which can be combined with your order. We offer a variety of capabilities and services and have nearly 50 years of experience in the automotive manufacturing business.

Contact us if you have additional questions about tube bending or hydroforming.

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