How Long Does It Take To Move Freight?

Just how long does it take to move cargo from point A to point B? These are tough numbers to nail down as there are dozens of factors involved such as distance, customs delays, and so on.

However, we can guess averages. That’s what we did in this graphic to illustrate about how long it takes to move freight via different shipment methods.

freight shipping times

Assuming there are no hiccups in the delivery, cargo planes will get your shipment to its destination the fastest. However, that also comes with a hefty price tag.

Following air comes trucks, then trains, and finally cargo vessels in last. Actually, shipping by boat comes in WAY last with an average delivery time of 30-45 days. Compare that to trucks, which average three to seven days for shipment delivery, and you can see that trucking is an ideal method, especially given the affordable cost.

When it comes to moving cargo from Mexico to the United States or Canada, you can bypass the slow waterways and expensive planes altogether and opt for the faster, less expensive options of truck and rail. That’s how we do it at Intran. With our convenient location in the Morelos province just south of Mexico City, we are a short distance from North American businesses, making it easy to ship auto parts.

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