Is Your Contract Manufacturer Also Your Competitor?

When you hire a contract manufacturer, you’re entrusting them with your intellectual property. Seeing that your intellectual property is the bread and butter of your business, it’s really important to sign with a trusted manufacturer that will work alongside you, not against you.

The Best Way To Find An Honest Contract Manufacturer

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There is a way to maximize your odds of finding a trusted contract manufacturer that won’t steal your intellectual property and use it to their own advantage. That way is to only do business with a manufacturer in a country with strong intellectual property laws.

Mexico is a great option. Its intellectual property laws are stringent and comparable to the IP laws of Canada and the United States. If a Mexican contract manufacturer steals your intellectual property, the law will be on your side. You’ll be able to easily pursue legal action against them.

The same cannot be said about China. In fact, intellectual property theft is pretty common over there. Up to 80% of intellectual property theft is committed by Chinese entities.

Extra Tips On Finding A Trusted Contract Manufacturer In Mexico

Strong intellectual property laws aren’t the only advantage of doing business with a Mexican contract manufacturer. There are loads of other benefits, including:

  • A short supply chain (a/k/a nearshoring)
  • Low labor costs
  • Skilled labor
  • Great labor laws

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