How To Find A Quality Manufacturing Company In Mexico (Or Anywhere Else For That Matter)

For nearly 50 years, Intran has been one of Mexico’s leading suppliers of automotive fuel system components. Our expertise in this business – with its extraordinary safety demands – has helped our company become a quality leader in the industry. Intran supplies fuel system parts and components to several tier-one auto suppliers, as well as OEMs.

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Thinking About Building An Auto Parts Factory In Mexico? Here’s What You Need To Know

August 2, 2016 Tagged:

With Mexico’s skilled, low-cost labor force and proximity to the US and Canadian markets, it’s no wonder that Mexican manufacturing is thriving. Millions of manufacturing orders are moving from China to Mexico, something we believe is great for all companies involved (see Why Mexico Is A Better Place To Source Manufacturing Than China for more info).

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Looking For A New Auto Parts Manufacturer? Why Mexico Is A Better Choice Than China

June 28, 2016 Tagged:

It’s not widely publicized (at least not in the US) that Mexico has grown to be one of the world’s largest manufacturing economies. Mexican manufacturers have long built auto parts and automotive assemblies, but since 1994, Mexican manufacturing has expanded dramatically.

Many components and assemblies for the medical industry, electronics industry, consumer products, aviation, and aerospace industries are now made in Mexico.

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Questions To Ask Before Contracting A Mexican Manufacturer

Contracting a Mexican manufacturer to produce your part or component (auto parts or otherwise) is a good decision. Mexican manufacturers can offer a blend of low labor costs, high-production quality, and direct access to the US and Canadian markets. (A part or component produced by Intran in Mexico, for example, can be trucked to the USA in as little as one day).

Contracting works best when both parties are informed. To that end, we’ve created a list of questions that you should ask before contracting a manufacturer in Mexico. Read More…