What Is The Difference Between Wire Forming, Hand Bending, And Air Bending?

August 6, 2021 Tagged:

Many auto parts need wires that are bent into certain shapes. There’s an art to bending wire. The wire needs to be bent beyond its yield strength, but within its tensile strength. In other words, the wire needs to be bent to achieve the desired angle without breaking it or letting it rebound back to its original shape. There are several different ways to achieve this:

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New Law For Federal Mexican Protection Of Industrial Property

July 16, 2021 Tagged:

In November 2020, Mexico passed a new federal law that gave businesses more protection when it comes to industrial property rights.

The law is called Federal Law for Protection of the Industrial Property (IPPL or the new IP Law). Mexico enacted the law on July 1, 2020 as a result of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The law took effect on November 5, 2020. The new law replaced the Mexican Industrial Property Law (from 1994).

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Four Things To Know About Shipping Cargo Across The Planet

June 21, 2021 Tagged:

If you run a US or Canadian company that needs manufacturing help, you may be tempted to source production in Asia. The costs of manufacturing in Asia aren’t always the lowest (in fact, Mexican manufacturing is often the least expensive option for North American companies). Still, there are established manufacturers in Asia that deliver quality and value.

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How Hydroformed Bellows Work

June 1, 2021 Tagged:

Hydroformed bellows are an important component in many automotive parts. If you’ve ever wondered why bellows are necessary in some tubes, and how hydroformed bellows worked, you came to the right place.

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Tube Hydroforming Companies In Mexico

May 20, 2021 Tagged:

Mexico is home to many manufacturers with tube hydroforming capabilities, and some meet your product’s requirements better than others. Are you looking to contract with a tube hydroforming company? Do you need bellow tubes that are flexible, thin walled yet strong, and able transport fluid or gas? You’ll get a lot of value with the right partner in Mexico. This post provides an overview of why using a tube hydroforming manufacturer in Mexico is beneficial. 

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Spot Welding Pros And Cons

February 19, 2021 Tagged:

Is spot welding one of the options you’re exploring? We can help you reach an educated decision. We’ll do this by exploring the pros and cons of spot welding in auto parts manufacturing.

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